Software Engineer Sample Resume Template

For software engineers, one’s resume can be the deciding factor in whether the job applicant is viewed for the job or not. It is most definitely a basic need for any software engineering company.


As you will see in this template, the information is outlined in a catchy, yet easy to read format. the name should be the largest print in order to draw the eye. Bright colors and solid shapes are used to make the resume stand out. The company’s contact information is kept small so that it won’t distract the reader, but is still there for when they wish to contact the company. Next we will see a section that deals with skills and information about the team. This is put into a separate box. Information in this section should include: a statement of purpose, experience and abilities, an introduction to individual team members, education, and references.

This sample resume template was created in Microsoft Word ® 2007. Newer versions of Microsoft Word ® can be used to alter it. Verify that your computer has “Brush Script MT” and “Adobe Caslon Pro Bold” fonts before opening to ensure it is properly displayed. In order to add an additional page to the resume, use the text box function.

Software Engineer Sample Resume,

Software Engineer Sample Resume Template